Friday, October 3, 2008

Rainbow Nails Tut

After Applying a clear base to dry clean nails
Choose your rainbow colors

  1. unknown red
  2. NYC 112A "times square tangerine creme"
  3. NYC 114A "taxi yellow cream"
  4. SANTEE No.35 "melon green"
  5. Rimmel 800 "camouflage"
  6. NYC 115A
  7. Rimmel 330 "night before"
  8. Sally Girl 812 "your majesty"
  9. unknown hot pink
  10. NYC 111A "Fuchsia Shock Creme"
  11. Nina clear "wet glaze"

When applying remember if you want others to clearly see  "rainbow" nails in the correct order,
start with your right pinky nail.
If you only care about seeing them start with your left pinky, like i did.
The result should look close to this.

Pretty cute huh?!
check out the vid on YT