Monday, September 21, 2009

Pictures from my Cabo mexico trip


Me-super tannned.

Where the new trump hotel is supposed to be built

my cousin and friends snorkeling

another tour boat getting ready to scuba,snorkel, and kayak

gorgeous beach house! off of Chileno Bay

The Alco or Arch. A must see tourist spot

from the boat the view of the bay and the city

perfect tan :] haha from pool #2 out of 3 at the resort.

lounge area

View from the pool. the actual pool looks like its going into the ocean.

the rooms that overlook the ocean and pool

view of the edge of the infinity pool. parasailing

Cruise ship & beach vendors

on the road

the AIRPORT :]

Saturday, August 1, 2009

newest china glaze haul

from left to right:
rodeo fanatic,flying dragon,pink chiffon,solar power,grape juice,evening seduction,tree hugger,light my tiki, lets do it in 3-D

****my definition of true color= the number of coats to get your nail looking like the bottle of polish!****

RODEO FANATIC: dark blue pearl-esque, two coats to get true color.

FLYING DRAGON: matte deep purple w/hot pink & blue glitter. one coat true color, clear top coat REQUIRED!

PINK CHIFFON: creme hot pink. no shimmer or sparkle. one coat to achieve true color

SOLAR POWER: shimmer bright yellow. it's a little iridescent so two-three coats to get true color and cover brush lines.

GRAPE JUICE: purple with a silvery shimmer. SUPER gorgeous. two coat true color.

EVENING SEDUCTION: DEEP maroon .very creme & matte. two coat true color

TREE HUGGER: Bright shimmer green. one coat true color

LIGHT MY TIKI: Hot pink/orange coral with shimmer. three coat true color

LETS DO IT IN 3-D: High definition silver w/ glitter specks. gives prism rainbow look. NOT a top coat. two coats for true color.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

mini Shoe/HEELS haul

Hey party people!
So I went shopping and bought some shoes that I thought were soo cute and at such a great price! So i wanted to share!
[[Rate them on a scale of 1-5! 5 being so cute, that you would wear them]]

PS>>>focus on the shoes not my feet LOL please&&thankyou

1st pair is by Nina. I got them at macy's. Originally $120 I got them for $75
WOOOO! The fact that they're gold interested me, cause I dont have any gold shoes.
They will most definately come in handy around fall// thinking thanksgiving and holiday parties. ?! whatcha think


PAIR #2 is by Charlotte Russe. Originally $30, I got them on clearance for $4.96! NO LIE! it was ridiculous! THEY have the best year round clearance. I promise, that no matter when you go in that store there is always something you'll find for under $10 that was originally over $20. ANYWAYS lol, I'm thinking party shoes?! like clubbing and stuff cause they are hella comfortable. and My bf's birthday is coming up in im thinking I might save these for his party.


Pair #3 Is from Burlington Coat factory. These were originally $66 and I got them for $8!
Clearance & sales are god given, especially during these hard economic times. Anyways, These are really versatile. They can look really professional or super sexy. so these might be my go to Interview shoes for my more "corporate" job interviews in the future.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hey Everyone!

So I just made a video about my new flat iron and promised links and extra goodies here for you guys!


Features: as quoted from the site

sleek, ergonomic design with non-slip grip (featured in picture3)
Heats to maximum temperature swiftly and remains constant throughout use
Swivel cord prevents tangling
Hooked end for easy hanging and storage
Variable temperature settings for all hair types
110-120 volts, 60Hz
Temperature gauge offers ranges from 140˚ F to 410˚ F (60-210 degrees C)
90 watts
1 year warranty


I love it because it (is)

1.heats super fast and indicates when its ready with the timer light.
2.Doesn't snag at my shorter pieces of hair or creates extra broken pieces of hair
3.adds natural shine and healthy feel to hair
4.super lightweight and easy to handle/maneuver

SEE my gorgeous iron in action here!

Browse more cortex items here:


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey Ladies!

Soooo I've been asked what products I use to straighten my hair && my current hair color//cut. These are the five products that I run to:

iON anti-frizz smoothing shampoo, TRESemme Moisture rich conditioner,CHI Keratin mist, GVP* Thermal protectant spray [[CHI IRON GAURD]],GVP* Silk Treatment [[CHI SILK TREATMENT]]
* (generic value brand) its actually the same thing as the name brand. they compare ingridents on the back of the product. and they work just as perfect as the actual thing, so i buy GVP when I can. Its sold only at Sally's Beauty supply. Check out
Steps to complete the process:
Step 1: shampoo and condition
-tip: however long you leave your shampoo in, double the time you leave your conditioner in.
helps for softness and gives the conditioner actual time to work.
-tip: brush, not comb the conditioner through.
The brush helps to evenly coat each strand and cuticle of hair.
Step 2: TOWEL//AIR dry
-tip: If you have curly//coarse hair blowdrying will only put the hair shafts into shock and create damaged ends.
Step 3: while damp; spray in KERATIN MIST..[this is basically a leave in protein treatment]]
-tip: COMB,not brush this through. the comb helps the product stay in the hair, while also helping the drying process.
Step 4: Once Dry; spray in the IRON GUARD && separate your hair into sections.
-tip: This product dries fairly fast, so you do not have to worry about letting this dry before starting to straighten [[while doing this allow your flat iron to heat]]
Step 5: Take about a pea sized amount of the SILK SERUM and put it on each section of hair before you begin to straighten.
-tip: concentrate this on the ends and roots of the hair. this ensures a longer lasting style as well as sealed ends with little frizz

Step 6: Continue until finished!

and ta-da you're finished!

AS Far as my hair is concerned. I'm trying to grow it out healthily. I normally let it get to a certain point and trim it. and last month I had layers put in for graduation. I like them, but i wish they were a little longer. The chick got scissor happy LOL. anyways I put in honey blonde highlights myself. so yeah here yah go :]

reversed rainbow eye//forums

So if you watched my latest video I promised to show this rainbow eye I did for my sister.
we were just fooling around so its not that awesome. but we had fun, so thats all that counts :]

on another topic, for those who watch Erin aka Scandalousbeauty on YT, you probably know about her new forum.
IF you dont watch her...START NOW! She has great tips and tricks, reviews/hauls, and technique especially if you're african american!

BUT ANYWAYYYSS.. I joined her forum and I think you guys should too. Its another great way to interact with other MUA's and people who love makeup. MY user name is Beauty_Escapades so feel free to msg me if you'd like.

here's the link...

OH and a bonus tip...she has a contest going on right now..ANYONE can enter.. MAC GIFT CARDS are up for grabs, and it's international, no camera required.
Heres the link to her contest video!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

and then there was 14

Hellooooooooo {echos} ! haha

well its official I graduate in 14 days. and then im back to YT! YAY!!
so exciting right?! im kinda nervous cause i havent filmed in so long i'm probably all extra rusty. lol
anyways i'll deal with that when i have to.

So let me catch you up..since I've been gone:

I have been so caught up with school. Finals are the rest of this week and two days of next week.
On top of that I've had to take a side course at a community college thats like 20min from my house so everyday i dont leave school till like 4 then i come home for like 30 min to pick up my materials for the course and im off to class to do more work.
then i get back home around 8, barely eat dinner and then i do homework. && with finals i am burnnnnnnt out! crazyyyyy!
I know thats kinda how it is in the real world, but right now its DO or DIE. yah dont pass, yah dont graduate! so its a lil more intimidating.

Prom was sooo fun! It was like the most perfect night ever so cliche i know, but it was the first time I had ever seen my bf all spiffy like that! I had never seen him in a suit & he had never seen me in a gown. so it was truly cinderella status! lol
Oh yes, my bf and i are still together! a few months away from 4years. which is like 4 decades in highschool terms i know!
I still cant believe we've made it this far. i mean minus the rough patches [[ which are expected in any relationship ]] I completely smitten :] -side bar- why am i using words like spiffy & smitten? LOL- ANYWAYS..
GRADNITE!!! ITS COMMMMINGGGG WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i cant freaking wait! all night partying from 9pm to 6am! what what!! its gonna be fly.

and yeah i think thats it for now! missed you all <3