Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey Ladies!

Soooo I've been asked what products I use to straighten my hair && my current hair color//cut. These are the five products that I run to:

iON anti-frizz smoothing shampoo, TRESemme Moisture rich conditioner,CHI Keratin mist, GVP* Thermal protectant spray [[CHI IRON GAURD]],GVP* Silk Treatment [[CHI SILK TREATMENT]]
* (generic value brand) its actually the same thing as the name brand. they compare ingridents on the back of the product. and they work just as perfect as the actual thing, so i buy GVP when I can. Its sold only at Sally's Beauty supply. Check out
Steps to complete the process:
Step 1: shampoo and condition
-tip: however long you leave your shampoo in, double the time you leave your conditioner in.
helps for softness and gives the conditioner actual time to work.
-tip: brush, not comb the conditioner through.
The brush helps to evenly coat each strand and cuticle of hair.
Step 2: TOWEL//AIR dry
-tip: If you have curly//coarse hair blowdrying will only put the hair shafts into shock and create damaged ends.
Step 3: while damp; spray in KERATIN MIST..[this is basically a leave in protein treatment]]
-tip: COMB,not brush this through. the comb helps the product stay in the hair, while also helping the drying process.
Step 4: Once Dry; spray in the IRON GUARD && separate your hair into sections.
-tip: This product dries fairly fast, so you do not have to worry about letting this dry before starting to straighten [[while doing this allow your flat iron to heat]]
Step 5: Take about a pea sized amount of the SILK SERUM and put it on each section of hair before you begin to straighten.
-tip: concentrate this on the ends and roots of the hair. this ensures a longer lasting style as well as sealed ends with little frizz

Step 6: Continue until finished!

and ta-da you're finished!

AS Far as my hair is concerned. I'm trying to grow it out healthily. I normally let it get to a certain point and trim it. and last month I had layers put in for graduation. I like them, but i wish they were a little longer. The chick got scissor happy LOL. anyways I put in honey blonde highlights myself. so yeah here yah go :]