Sunday, July 19, 2009

reversed rainbow eye//forums

So if you watched my latest video I promised to show this rainbow eye I did for my sister.
we were just fooling around so its not that awesome. but we had fun, so thats all that counts :]

on another topic, for those who watch Erin aka Scandalousbeauty on YT, you probably know about her new forum.
IF you dont watch her...START NOW! She has great tips and tricks, reviews/hauls, and technique especially if you're african american!

BUT ANYWAYYYSS.. I joined her forum and I think you guys should too. Its another great way to interact with other MUA's and people who love makeup. MY user name is Beauty_Escapades so feel free to msg me if you'd like.

here's the link...

OH and a bonus tip...she has a contest going on right now..ANYONE can enter.. MAC GIFT CARDS are up for grabs, and it's international, no camera required.
Heres the link to her contest video!!