Wednesday, June 3, 2009

and then there was 14

Hellooooooooo {echos} ! haha

well its official I graduate in 14 days. and then im back to YT! YAY!!
so exciting right?! im kinda nervous cause i havent filmed in so long i'm probably all extra rusty. lol
anyways i'll deal with that when i have to.

So let me catch you up..since I've been gone:

I have been so caught up with school. Finals are the rest of this week and two days of next week.
On top of that I've had to take a side course at a community college thats like 20min from my house so everyday i dont leave school till like 4 then i come home for like 30 min to pick up my materials for the course and im off to class to do more work.
then i get back home around 8, barely eat dinner and then i do homework. && with finals i am burnnnnnnt out! crazyyyyy!
I know thats kinda how it is in the real world, but right now its DO or DIE. yah dont pass, yah dont graduate! so its a lil more intimidating.

Prom was sooo fun! It was like the most perfect night ever so cliche i know, but it was the first time I had ever seen my bf all spiffy like that! I had never seen him in a suit & he had never seen me in a gown. so it was truly cinderella status! lol
Oh yes, my bf and i are still together! a few months away from 4years. which is like 4 decades in highschool terms i know!
I still cant believe we've made it this far. i mean minus the rough patches [[ which are expected in any relationship ]] I completely smitten :] -side bar- why am i using words like spiffy & smitten? LOL- ANYWAYS..
GRADNITE!!! ITS COMMMMINGGGG WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i cant freaking wait! all night partying from 9pm to 6am! what what!! its gonna be fly.

and yeah i think thats it for now! missed you all <3


Kiwi™ said...

Adorable!!! Awww 4 years in high school girl?

Girl I just graduated college and my 25 yr old boyfriend barely wants to commit so consider yourself blessed.

I hope you guys make it, get married, have kids, the whole nine...just wait a while though dont rush your still young!

.cupcake love. said...

you look beautiful girl !
im glad you had fun at prob :)
good luck on your finals!!

Miss.Fab said...

awww look at his baby face!

you guys r so cute!

1xellus1 said...

BEAUTIFUL! thanks so much for sharing. best wishes on all ur final exams sweetie! :O) i closed my YT acct. but i'll keep cking on u to see what ur up to.

bre. said...

im excited for your return!!