Sunday, May 3, 2009

natural or fake

sooo you guys know what my natural nails look like righ?
well do you think i should get acrylics for prom?
it would be my first time getting them done like that
but soo many say it forever ruins your nails.
so is it worth it??


.cupcake love. said...

Where have you been ?!
Hmm. Natural or fake for prom.
I really suggest you to go natural because when it comes to fake.. it will ruin your nails in the long run, especially acrylic!
If you can do natural, the bettterrr.
I mean if you want them longer then go ahead, but I suggest getting gel instead of acrylic.
Acrylic is more harsh on your nails than gel!

HAHA. This is what I get for working at a salon !
I miss you girl!
I should text youuu.. which I will do now!