Tuesday, April 7, 2009


one word...



i have less than a month to find the perfect dress.
any ideas?? straps or strapless...gown or tea-length heeellpppp

hair? up-do? curls?



Hippoleetoe said...

I'd go with a bright almost neon color like pink. STRAPS so you can dance the night away. and not grown like but fitted !

I like this one:

you should know by now ;] said...

ohmygoodness thats goorrgeoussss!! thank you!! <3

1xellus1 said...

congratulations. i hope u find everything u need & have a safe night. :O) & a good x of course. i like tealength b/c i'm under 5'5". we can get lost in longer gowns. i went strapless (believe it or not w/ all i've got going on LOL) & although it was many moons ago, the best advice i could offer is DO be sure to do a couple of last min fittings b/c my zipper broke as my seamstress was finishing my dress the night of my prom & i had to wear my date's jacket most of the night. for a good laugh, do ck. out my back in the day prom photo on my myspace. ROTFL. up do of course & some pretty tendrils? go girl!

Yas said...

How exciting babe! I know it must be hard. As much as I love the way strapless looks, I tend to avoid them on nights when I need to dance so I'm not tugging at it all night long. I would think sexy for sure babe with your looks. I'm sure you will find something hot!

1xellus1 said...


ck this out Riee! I saw it this AM & thought of you. :O)