Wednesday, December 31, 2008

bye bye 2008




Monday, December 29, 2008


hey party people!

hope everyones holiday was awesome!
I had a great Christmas, lots of goodies and giftcards woot woot. Thank you santa aha!
anyways so I'm super bored and have nothing to do, soo if you want to continue reading this, do so at your own risk as it could get totally random and make no sense AT ALL.


mmkay, so like this year my christmas tree was like classy and mature instead of my family's traditional "have fun,creative,bright,and colorful" tree. I swear it looks like we swiped it out of Macy's hahaha. very weird. I keep staring at and thinking why the hell does my tree look like that?! but i do have to say it does match the living room now ahha.It's a Live tree so we'll probably get rid of it in the next week or two. we didnt get it until xmas eve so it hasn't even been a full week of having it yet.

Oh Oh Oh!!! so A couple of gifts that like I SUPER excited i got are the 120 pro palette which I'm still waiting for cause it didn't get here in time :[ , but its okay cause its still on its way. oh and my 4GB mem card for my CAMERA!! WOO which means that i now have more than 2min on my camera and I can make better YT VIDS! WOOOTTTT!!!
yesssssssssssssssssssss! so excited!

uhhh hot cocoa is yummy, but those tiny marshmallows make it to cliche for my liking so i prefer the just as cliche, but more "me", whipped cream with choco sprinkles ;]

mmm for those wondering I decided NOT to have the bf over for xmas. I played out all the possible scenarios and I just didn't feel it was worth it right now. so yeah, thats how it played out. Oh I have yet to see him for the holidays though :[ both of our families have been busy and we live like 40 min away from each other so we're trying to work out a visit so we can exchange gifts with each other. He doesn't read this so I'll tell you what I got him. Nothing major, but i know its what he wanted. Its a PS3 game called Naruto Ninja storm or something like that. I played the demo with him at his house and it was actually hella fun. he kicked my ass but thats okay...i can kick his in Soul Calibur4 haha. It was like 60+ dollars after tax. ehh which is alot for a 17 y/o unemployed, obseesed with makeup, chick.  damn, the damage I could do with 60 bucks at Ulta or sephora is like no joke! LOL but he's worth it. 

I never in my wildest dreams thought that shopping online at would be so HARD! I got gift money for there from my cousin and OMG I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO PUT IT ON! shoes, makeup, clothes, jewelry,electronics...the list just goes on and on!

ohhh my ass has been being kicked in the game of "Clue"! you know that board game where you try to guess who committed the murder by making guesses about the room, weapon, and room?! okay well i wanted a new one for xmas as I lost all the pieces of my last one in like 6th grade. anyways I'm sure we've play like 50 games already within the first 96 hrs I've had it and I've only won like 2 twice and thats not cause i was smart and figured it out, it was cause the dumass before me messed up and it was obvious to all the people playing that if i didnt guess it right i was a bigger moron than that guy
 -__ -

ehhh CALIFORNIA, this is the first time that i want to kick you in the ass! Seriously our budget crisis has me on a freaking WL for like 5 out of the 7 colleges I applied to.
and they're all like..

 "I'm sorry but even though you met the early application deadline because of the cut backs our main priority are those in this(zipcode) area. Once they have all been placed as they are more likely guaranteed admittance, then we will notify you on the status of your application process. In the mean time please apply to the schools in your area such as UCLA,USC, UCSD, blah blah blah... thank you for your patience"

Yeah well thats depressing, cause number one those schools are hard to get into and Oh did i mention their enrollment time is CLOSED! and has been closed for like 2 months now, and I just got that email two days ago! So how can hey go and tell me to apply for the other schools when applications for my term is CLOSED!?? WTH
Lucky for me I applied during the right time before it Closed, two months back. I Just feel bad for those who only applied to like two and have that letter from both. :[
Community college is looking more and more like what I might have to do if I'm still stuck on a WL after I grad :[

OH Natalie Jo from YT, her YT name it natjotua go check her out! I love her :]
anyways she was so freaking awesome and sent me a christmas present, it was more like a frigging haul of stuff!! SO AWESOME! I'm going to make thankyou vid so you guys can see what she got me!! Imma send her some goodies too :D
I LOVE the holidays giving is soo fun ;]

In like 12 days I can go get my license! YAYYYY I woulda had it like a year ago if the parentals had paid for drivers training on time. but they knew if i never got my permit, they wouldnt have to buy me a cay and i'd be stranded at home. well it worked. but now that I've had my permit for 6 months and I'm beyond 17 and a half I CAN GO GET IT!!! WOOOOt now i just have to pass! LOL
was it hard? Kaycee?? Jazzy?? Yas?? did you guys pass your first time?!

okay im done for now haha. i'm hit the sack. did i mention im sick?! flu over here. even though i got my flu shot.. bull! ehh so im going to attempt to laydown and breath haha. byee <3

thanks for reading my chapter book, hope i didnt bore you too much [;

Thursday, December 18, 2008

between a rock and a hard place.

So I've been given the green light to bring the bf over for the holidays. Ive been dating him for like almost four years on and off a couple of times. But each time we "broke up", we never stopped talking everyday,liking each other, or dated someone else. We finallly just stopped trying to fight our feelings and using other outside excuses to why we couldnt work, like: we live too far away, we go to different schools, its senior year, we don't drive yet, and all stuff like that. We just realized it waas too difficult to not be bf/gf and that if we're meant to be then that stuff shouldnt matter. Welll so far so good. nothing has gotten in the way and it just seems right, well extremely right, this time.

SO he's only met my mom && my sis. 

AND MY DAD IS DYING TO MEET HIM, and not in a good way. He'd have to go to my aunties house if I was to have him over, as mine is no where near up to par,besides i won't be there. I have cousins who are flying in and they are like 30+, My Auntie&&Uncle, My Dad, and anyone else who wants to stop by will meet him. Trust me, I'm all for meeting the fam, but trust me I think that might be too much fam in one visit. and i dont even think it will be a visit. it'll be like the never ending 20 questions  suckyass game for him. and I don't want to overwhelm him too much at once yah know? or I don't want to get upset with the overly personal questions they might ask and ruin the visit. but yet i need to get the awkward first meet out of the way. 
Honestly I believe all the females will be chill. It's the Males I'm concerned about.

I'm afraid they will grill him like he's proposed or something and is wanting to become apart of the family. I just need them to realize that he's special to me regardless of what they think of him and if they love me, then they won't make this weird, when it shouldn't have to be.

WHAT DO I DO!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! personal stories are VERY welcomed

Thursday, December 11, 2008

tagged by JAZZiE <3

RULES. once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don't forget to leave a comment ("you're it") and to read your blog. you can't tag the person who tagged you. 

ONE. I use hand gestures and say ridiculous wayy too much when I talk.

TWO. I think I started drinking coffee too young. Is 14 too young?
Those all nighters I had to start pulling Freshman year of high school were no joke, and frappachinos were my bff LOL

THREE. I ♥  Sharpies, bright && dark nail polishes, bright colored stockings, && peep toe pumps

FOUR. I spend wayyy to much time on the phone w/ the boyfriend. ( yes Kaycee, we're back together lmao, long ass story, what can i say he's been my only bf since 9th grade )

FIVE.  only 1 out of the 4 small dots on my left side of my face, around my eye, is an actual natural beauty mark, the other 3 are just scars left behind from chicken pox when i was little. I didn't listen and scratched the sh!t outta my face. 

SIX. I blame my mother for the passing of my first and only doggie "missy" (rip boo)
and yes, she knows I blame her.

SEVEN. Secretly I think I have Asian blood. but Idk what kind. My Grandmother from my Dad's side looks sooooo Asian its like scary. But he's soo secretive, he won't tell me anything! He'll tell me bout his Dads background but not his Moms. She died when I was really little. So I never got to know her.  

EIGHT. therefore that Asian Blood Would explain so much about me && my likes/ dislikes.
My current conclusion is that, If Im NoT asian, then the Native American Indian in me looks Asian or is of Asian descent. Like Aztec is Hispanic Native American, maybe theres an Asian based tribe that I am.

NINE. no i DO NOT know what color my eyes are. they've been referred to as " stormy autumn" by the bf and "vomit" by the bf's bff. LMAO wow..

TEN. I have no piercings .................yet. parents don't like it due to religious reasons, but let the records show that I'll be 18 in two months muhauahahahaha. 

ELEVEN. I'm SUPER SHY && SELF-CONSCIOUS, but I don't use makeup as a security blanket. besides makeup doesn't fix my issue last time i checked.

TWELVE. I can get my license next month :)

THIRTEEN. I L-O-V-E HOODIES! I could wear them 24/7

FOURTEEN. I scrape out the filling to every pie, except apple, and just eat the crust/pastry

FIFTEEN. I really like keychains and cell phone charms and was soo pissed when I realized that my voyager doesn't have a place for a cell charm.

SIXTEEN. I begged for an electric guitar for my 8th grade graduation present, I got it and its been in the back of my closet ever sense :( idk know how to play. how sad.

I taggg hmm anyone who wants to do it, cause Idk if the peeeps i tagg will do it. Ann??Bre?? do it yea?? lol