Thursday, December 18, 2008

between a rock and a hard place.

So I've been given the green light to bring the bf over for the holidays. Ive been dating him for like almost four years on and off a couple of times. But each time we "broke up", we never stopped talking everyday,liking each other, or dated someone else. We finallly just stopped trying to fight our feelings and using other outside excuses to why we couldnt work, like: we live too far away, we go to different schools, its senior year, we don't drive yet, and all stuff like that. We just realized it waas too difficult to not be bf/gf and that if we're meant to be then that stuff shouldnt matter. Welll so far so good. nothing has gotten in the way and it just seems right, well extremely right, this time.

SO he's only met my mom && my sis. 

AND MY DAD IS DYING TO MEET HIM, and not in a good way. He'd have to go to my aunties house if I was to have him over, as mine is no where near up to par,besides i won't be there. I have cousins who are flying in and they are like 30+, My Auntie&&Uncle, My Dad, and anyone else who wants to stop by will meet him. Trust me, I'm all for meeting the fam, but trust me I think that might be too much fam in one visit. and i dont even think it will be a visit. it'll be like the never ending 20 questions  suckyass game for him. and I don't want to overwhelm him too much at once yah know? or I don't want to get upset with the overly personal questions they might ask and ruin the visit. but yet i need to get the awkward first meet out of the way. 
Honestly I believe all the females will be chill. It's the Males I'm concerned about.

I'm afraid they will grill him like he's proposed or something and is wanting to become apart of the family. I just need them to realize that he's special to me regardless of what they think of him and if they love me, then they won't make this weird, when it shouldn't have to be.

WHAT DO I DO!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! personal stories are VERY welcomed


Yas said...

Oh sweety. I can totally understand why you are so nervous. You know what sweety I would recommend you keep in mind (and perhaps have a talk with him too) is to explain that the questions likely come from a protective place of love and concern for your precious butt rather from somewhere that is intended to hurt or make him feel uncomfortable. I always try to rationalize where someone may be coming from babe and in the case of a family with their little girl all grown up of course this is a challenge for them too! ;) I wish you the best of luck sweety. Take a deep breath and I will be hoping that you both have a fantastic holidays!

Arielle { ahr. ee. elle. } said...

AWW Thank you Yas!

yeah, I think talking to him before hand is a good idea, good thinking :) !

Hope you have a fabulous holidays too!!! :D

.cupcake love. said...

Hey hun !
OO so you & the boy are finally back on ?!
This situation is going to be a sucky situation bringing the boy over for the holidays !
Just breathe &talk to your boy about what might happen before hand you know?
So then he won't be completely freaked out !
My bf hasn't even met half of the fam yet ... so it's going to be interesting when it does too :O
Just have fun with it and be NIIIICE k ?!
Love ya giiirl

Arielle { ahr. ee. elle. } said...

Hey Kaycee!!

yeah we're back on. lol
uhhh yeah i think my most difficult thing would be remembering to breathe aha.
yeah I think i'm going to talk to him about it to see where he's at.

omg seriously you bf hasn't??
shoot, then i feel no pressure whats so ever then to push this holiday meet && greet. maybe i'll wait until my bday in feb haha. idk.

but thank you sooo much girl, it helped!

love you too :D

christmas in 6 days YAY!!