Tuesday, January 27, 2009


so i got bored and wanted to do a rainbow themed eye look. I had never done one before and i've been contemplating whether or not to do a tut on it. so here's my first attempt. tell me what yah think =]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oooo wow


=] so exciting <3, hope & change..wonderful feeling.

oh && shout out to my bestie paige! today was her 18th :] YAY since first grade boo & still tight!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kanyes work out plan day 1

hahaha ya'll remember that song?!
funny stuff!

well anyways this is my day 1 of my diet/get healthy plan.
in the last two years i've gained a LOT of weight that im not happy about and if i continue in my ways it could be bad for me and my health. So i've decided to do this for me. not for anyone else but for me. So that I can live a healthier life and feel better about myself. NOTE!!! i am not one of those size 3 girls who thinks they're overweight and is deciding to starve themselves so they can look like some of the girls on top model.
Nope im just going to be smart about what i eat and how i eat it. and become more active. and be more positive, to stop stressing since that makes us hold unnecessary weight.

So over the weekend I got myself some goodies to help me out.

1. smaller plates. I went out and bought some smaller dinner plates that i can use to eat on so that i still eat what i want but its of a smaller proportion.

2.fresh & frozen veggies and frutis. great fiber and roughage for the body

3.Splenda & truvia. the best sugar substitutes i know. so i can still have some sugar, well sweetness in my life.

4.Oatmeal. while its a low calorie meal, it helps to lower my cholesterol levels too! so kinda reversing some of the fast food I've consumed.

5. Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil. i use this in place of margarine or butter. cuts calories and saturated fats plus i dont use as much

6. Losts of seasonings. they dont have calories and as long as i watch the sodium intake then i can replace butter flavor with wholesome flavor from garlic, onion, peppers, sage, basil, paprika, cumin, and things like that

I've also implemented a few more things that i've heard, that make sense to me.

1. eat slower. gives your tummy time to notify you when its full before you over eat
2. breath deeply. in order to burn calories even when sitting your body needs energy which a lot of which comes from oxygen
3. work out smater. which means longer basically. studies shows that your more likely to loose more weight and inches if you were to pace yourself and work out for an hour rather than cardio for 30 mins.

**tip. my doctor told me that in order to start working off fat that has been on your body for awhile you need to exercise at least for 45 min. anything shy of that you are only burning what you've consumed in the last 24-48 hours.

4. I drink after my meals instead of with. and on top of that, every drink after my meal is warm-hot.
for the past couple of days its been green tea, coffee in the morning, hot cocoa with dinner, or even hot water with lemon and honey.

why? because drinking cool-ice cold things while you eat helps to in a sense "stop the fat in its tracks"! say you take a bite of a burger and as soon as you finish swallowing you chase it down with a big gulp of ice cold coke..the coke is going to catch up to your food before it truly hits your tummy and freeze the fat on the walls of your digestive cavities. leading to cholesterol, clots, and extra stored fat on the body. By drinking warm liquid it helps to help the oils and fats break down so your tummy doesnt have to work as hard as well as giving it less of a chance to stay with you and add calories and lbs to your body.

5. eat Ice when I get hungry in between meals...
other studies show that when the body is use to eating or snacking in between meals, most times its just the sense of a habit, and not the fact that you're really hungry. so if you suck on or chew a piece of ice, it tricks the body into thinking its had something to eat, cause you've gone through motions of chewing and stuff.

so yep yep yep. there it is. my birthday is in a month and i would love to lose at least 10 lbs by then which is totally healthy =]
YAY so wish me luck. if anyone else wants to do it with me let me know =]
since i've only been doing this for one day i have no results yet. but i can say that im not as hungry during the day and i feel like i have more energy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009



you like?? video is on YT, i just uploaded it so give it some time to process..but its on its wayy =]

Saturday, January 10, 2009

top 3

A follower of mine asked my to do an entry on my top 3 fave xmas presents i got, that i'm most excited to use.

so here they are:

3. my jumbo 3 barrel revlon waver. I LOVE this thing omg

2. my sexy black lace caboodle train case w/lock
perfect for all of my "go-to" items!!

1. IM SOOO EXCITED ABOUT MY 120 pro eyeshadow palette!!

AWESOME RIGHT??!! it has mattes,shimmers, and satin shadows!! the purple that looks all funky came cracked but other than that its in tip top shape :]
plus i got a free 5 piece brush set! =]

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

change of scenery ..kinda


ahaha =]
ermm so i'm at my aunties house at the moment. I'll probably be here for the next few days because my house is having some technical difficulties with the plumbing. Every year California has a SUPER hot summer then we normally have a REALLY cold winter. well summer of 08 was ridiculously hot!! so long and behold this winter has been OUTRAGEOUSLY COLD! SNOW IN SOUTHERN DESERT VALLEYS OF CALI IS JUST NOT NORMAL!! lol i really dont mind it because i rather be shivering over sweating. Im a winter baby so im down for some chilly weather, just not hardcore, east coast, frostbite weather hhaha! seeing how the weather is out of wack, our pipes have freaked out and craked or something. My analysis is that the pipe has a leak due the constant and rapid thermal expansion going on. [ SEE i did pay attention in physics HA! ] no but seriously i think the pipes couldnt adjust to the hot days and freezing windy nights. 

So the water is turned off and my dad has to call in so peeps to fix it. but since there's mad water damage, he is going to remodel the bathrooms. so i dont want to be there with no water and creepy strange construction guys looking at me all weird. ew grosss

yep so this is where i'll be posted for a few days. on the other note im eating a doughnut that looks EXACTLY like the one from the simpsons movie ahaha =]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

oopsie daisy

i decided to delete my mark business blog, so that i could import it under a different email address... well so much for that. i didnt realize until after i deleted my other one that i could no longer use the same url. OH WELL! i'm good with creating another one later. but my mom will prollie kill me cause i have the old url printed on like 500 business cards LMAO! oops. i'll guess i'll get new ones. oh but if you still want to shop from my mark store just let me know thru my YT inbox..user name is RieeCreates and i'll msg you the link :]

Monday, January 5, 2009

wow. it's come to this.

I left my old school like mid sophomore year, and i expected things to change...but not this much. like my whole senior class over there has issues. i mean like who doesnt, but the true bluest of friends arent friends any more. besties are dating each other ex's...everyone has a tude. its like ridiculous. I have the option of going back for my lsat semester there...or going to a new school...and even though they have a hawaii trip at my old school, I'm wanting the new school. I just rather go and make new friends, than go back and deal with old pointless drama and immature cliques. its dumb...i just can't believe my eyes. neither can my bf..we both left the school at the same time and now we are just like "we no longer associate ourselves with that school and most of the people that go there."  I guess it's just me and him. we're the only ones who have yet to stab someone in the back or keep unnecessary beef with people. 

fyi he left and went to a public school and i left for homeschool/independent study. thats how i got into YT .. i got bored in my free time =]
but now imma go to a public school i think. it just seems better than my old school thats supposed to have standards and morals and people of a higher whatever you call it.. CAUSE IT HAS NONE OF THAT! all those who have left have been better and like their lives more. INCLUDING MYSELF. i just dont feel that risking my personal happiness and the rest of my senior year is going back to people i thought i knew.

its not worth it

i rather go make new friends and possible new bffs and just start fresh before college.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

hey hey heyyy :]

first blog of the year! woo!
mm, so i finally saw the bf =] YAY! he loves his present! but he could only give me part of mine, cause it was like so last min, that he didnt have time to  go pick up one of my presents. ;/ but he was kinda happy cause now he wants me to go pick it up with him that way if i dont like it he can exchange it right away and i can pick what i want. but i still dont know what it is. err but he swears its really nice haha.
but for now i have her....

ISNT SHE CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!! he surprised me with her when i got there. SHES SO BIG!!! i had to shrink the pic haha. but she like sits on the bed with me and she takes up more space than i do haha. i love her. and she smells like him . sooooooooooo good ..yummayy !!hahaha 

i'm trying to decide what to name her. for some weird reason Annabelle keeps coming to mind. the bf likes it so...Annabelle it is. My dad pretty much died when i brought her home. He is still having a difficult time dealing with me growing up lol. poor thing.

but she goes perfectly with the rest of my stuffed animals and pillows he's given me! but by far this is my fave =]

mmmm i need to go make a video. lol