Saturday, January 10, 2009

top 3

A follower of mine asked my to do an entry on my top 3 fave xmas presents i got, that i'm most excited to use.

so here they are:

3. my jumbo 3 barrel revlon waver. I LOVE this thing omg

2. my sexy black lace caboodle train case w/lock
perfect for all of my "go-to" items!!

1. IM SOOO EXCITED ABOUT MY 120 pro eyeshadow palette!!

AWESOME RIGHT??!! it has mattes,shimmers, and satin shadows!! the purple that looks all funky came cracked but other than that its in tip top shape :]
plus i got a free 5 piece brush set! =]


jenn said...

aww yay!
They are all great!

The Joy said...

snap crackle pop! that traincase is so sexy!