Wednesday, January 7, 2009

change of scenery ..kinda


ahaha =]
ermm so i'm at my aunties house at the moment. I'll probably be here for the next few days because my house is having some technical difficulties with the plumbing. Every year California has a SUPER hot summer then we normally have a REALLY cold winter. well summer of 08 was ridiculously hot!! so long and behold this winter has been OUTRAGEOUSLY COLD! SNOW IN SOUTHERN DESERT VALLEYS OF CALI IS JUST NOT NORMAL!! lol i really dont mind it because i rather be shivering over sweating. Im a winter baby so im down for some chilly weather, just not hardcore, east coast, frostbite weather hhaha! seeing how the weather is out of wack, our pipes have freaked out and craked or something. My analysis is that the pipe has a leak due the constant and rapid thermal expansion going on. [ SEE i did pay attention in physics HA! ] no but seriously i think the pipes couldnt adjust to the hot days and freezing windy nights. 

So the water is turned off and my dad has to call in so peeps to fix it. but since there's mad water damage, he is going to remodel the bathrooms. so i dont want to be there with no water and creepy strange construction guys looking at me all weird. ew grosss

yep so this is where i'll be posted for a few days. on the other note im eating a doughnut that looks EXACTLY like the one from the simpsons movie ahaha =]


Yas said...

You poor thing! Your pipes froze! I thought that was something that people only have to worry about back East (where I grew up)! But given the crazy and cold weather we've had in Cali as of late, it makes sense. Good luck getting that all fixed. And good move getting away from any creepy repair guy stares:P