Tuesday, January 6, 2009

oopsie daisy

i decided to delete my mark business blog, so that i could import it under a different email address... well so much for that. i didnt realize until after i deleted my other one that i could no longer use the same url. OH WELL! i'm good with creating another one later. but my mom will prollie kill me cause i have the old url printed on like 500 business cards LMAO! oops. i'll guess i'll get new ones. oh but if you still want to shop from my mark store just let me know thru my YT inbox..user name is RieeCreates and i'll msg you the link :]


1xellus1 said...

yikes. thanks for the info. love your entrepreneurial spirit. :O)

you should know by now ;] said...

haha thank you love!!
my mom always asks " where did you come from?!"
and im like i dont know hahaha!