Monday, January 5, 2009

wow. it's come to this.

I left my old school like mid sophomore year, and i expected things to change...but not this much. like my whole senior class over there has issues. i mean like who doesnt, but the true bluest of friends arent friends any more. besties are dating each other ex's...everyone has a tude. its like ridiculous. I have the option of going back for my lsat semester there...or going to a new school...and even though they have a hawaii trip at my old school, I'm wanting the new school. I just rather go and make new friends, than go back and deal with old pointless drama and immature cliques. its dumb...i just can't believe my eyes. neither can my bf..we both left the school at the same time and now we are just like "we no longer associate ourselves with that school and most of the people that go there."  I guess it's just me and him. we're the only ones who have yet to stab someone in the back or keep unnecessary beef with people. 

fyi he left and went to a public school and i left for homeschool/independent study. thats how i got into YT .. i got bored in my free time =]
but now imma go to a public school i think. it just seems better than my old school thats supposed to have standards and morals and people of a higher whatever you call it.. CAUSE IT HAS NONE OF THAT! all those who have left have been better and like their lives more. INCLUDING MYSELF. i just dont feel that risking my personal happiness and the rest of my senior year is going back to people i thought i knew.

its not worth it

i rather go make new friends and possible new bffs and just start fresh before college.


Yas said...

Aww...that is so hard I can't even imagine. The good news is that college holds a whole new opportunity with a largely more mature crowd. I hated high school...but college I loved. You're almost there sweety. And the great news is that you still seem to have a wonderful sense of who you are. :)

Arielle { ahr. ee. elle. } said...

awww thanks yas baby! that made me feel alot better!
Yeah, I never took the time to realize that I do have a sense of who I am. and what I stand for at this point.
which is good! and i am almost through this crap! thats great! you helped me find a silver lining :]