Sunday, January 4, 2009

hey hey heyyy :]

first blog of the year! woo!
mm, so i finally saw the bf =] YAY! he loves his present! but he could only give me part of mine, cause it was like so last min, that he didnt have time to  go pick up one of my presents. ;/ but he was kinda happy cause now he wants me to go pick it up with him that way if i dont like it he can exchange it right away and i can pick what i want. but i still dont know what it is. err but he swears its really nice haha.
but for now i have her....

ISNT SHE CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!! he surprised me with her when i got there. SHES SO BIG!!! i had to shrink the pic haha. but she like sits on the bed with me and she takes up more space than i do haha. i love her. and she smells like him . sooooooooooo good ..yummayy !!hahaha 

i'm trying to decide what to name her. for some weird reason Annabelle keeps coming to mind. the bf likes it so...Annabelle it is. My dad pretty much died when i brought her home. He is still having a difficult time dealing with me growing up lol. poor thing.

but she goes perfectly with the rest of my stuffed animals and pillows he's given me! but by far this is my fave =]

mmmm i need to go make a video. lol


jenn said...

awww too cute!
I got a beanie baby.
I'm 23 but I love those stuff!

you should know by now ;] said...

OMG I COLLECT BEANIE BABIES!! lol i love them i have like over 350 hhaha..its kinda insane, but you're never too old for something cute!!

jenn said...

collect awww <3
I have the 2008 Holiday Teddy!
I love him!
he's so

you should know by now ;] said...

AWWWWW i havent seen him yet!! im sure he is to die for cute!! imma go see if my halmark has him in =]