Saturday, August 1, 2009

newest china glaze haul

from left to right:
rodeo fanatic,flying dragon,pink chiffon,solar power,grape juice,evening seduction,tree hugger,light my tiki, lets do it in 3-D

****my definition of true color= the number of coats to get your nail looking like the bottle of polish!****

RODEO FANATIC: dark blue pearl-esque, two coats to get true color.

FLYING DRAGON: matte deep purple w/hot pink & blue glitter. one coat true color, clear top coat REQUIRED!

PINK CHIFFON: creme hot pink. no shimmer or sparkle. one coat to achieve true color

SOLAR POWER: shimmer bright yellow. it's a little iridescent so two-three coats to get true color and cover brush lines.

GRAPE JUICE: purple with a silvery shimmer. SUPER gorgeous. two coat true color.

EVENING SEDUCTION: DEEP maroon .very creme & matte. two coat true color

TREE HUGGER: Bright shimmer green. one coat true color

LIGHT MY TIKI: Hot pink/orange coral with shimmer. three coat true color

LETS DO IT IN 3-D: High definition silver w/ glitter specks. gives prism rainbow look. NOT a top coat. two coats for true color.


1xellus1 said...

Love these! thanks for sharing Ma'!
Hope ur enjoying ur summer. Congrats (belated) on graduating. hugs. :O)

.cupcake love. said...

aiyah !
i love their polishes .. i'm soo diggin
- rodeo fanatic
- evening seduction
- let's do it in 3-d

hella pretty ! where did you buy all of em?