Saturday, July 25, 2009

mini Shoe/HEELS haul

Hey party people!
So I went shopping and bought some shoes that I thought were soo cute and at such a great price! So i wanted to share!
[[Rate them on a scale of 1-5! 5 being so cute, that you would wear them]]

PS>>>focus on the shoes not my feet LOL please&&thankyou

1st pair is by Nina. I got them at macy's. Originally $120 I got them for $75
WOOOO! The fact that they're gold interested me, cause I dont have any gold shoes.
They will most definately come in handy around fall// thinking thanksgiving and holiday parties. ?! whatcha think


PAIR #2 is by Charlotte Russe. Originally $30, I got them on clearance for $4.96! NO LIE! it was ridiculous! THEY have the best year round clearance. I promise, that no matter when you go in that store there is always something you'll find for under $10 that was originally over $20. ANYWAYS lol, I'm thinking party shoes?! like clubbing and stuff cause they are hella comfortable. and My bf's birthday is coming up in im thinking I might save these for his party.


Pair #3 Is from Burlington Coat factory. These were originally $66 and I got them for $8!
Clearance & sales are god given, especially during these hard economic times. Anyways, These are really versatile. They can look really professional or super sexy. so these might be my go to Interview shoes for my more "corporate" job interviews in the future.


.cupcake love. said...

i LOVE the 2nd ones !
I need to get back into heels .. FORREAL LOL

A bay bay said...

LOL i feel yah girl!