Friday, October 31, 2008

one, two buckle my shoe, three, four..oh whatever

SO...It's Halloween, and I'm actually supposed to be in bed because of the test tomorrow, but what the hell..i'm doing this instead! jacked from my home girl Kaycee's blog :]

basic rules:
each player must answer each question themselves. then tag 5 peeps at the end.

10 years ago (1998):
1.I was in second grade
2.I wished i was a spice girl
3.I went to my first boy/girl party
4.I was better at soccer than the boys
5.lizards scared the crap outta me

5 thing's on my to-do list (i know its late, but i still have things to do lol)

1.last min cramming for test the new SAW movie :p
3.take a shower
4.laugh at that 70's show
5. charge my phone

places I've lived
1. here
3.still here
4.haven't moved yet
5. oh look im still here haha

If i had a million dollars! me a lexus out the parentals till my feet scream
4.donate some

5 jobs i've had

2.receptionist counselor
4.havent had it yet
5. ditto