Saturday, November 1, 2008

Umbrella-ella-ella ey ey ey

SO!...the SAT's are over!!! well at least for now, I'm already registered to take it again in Dec. of this year. Most people take it their junior && senior year in high school, well i didn't take it last year so im going to take it twice as a senior. UNLESS i did really good on this go round.which is not impossible lol. NOW just to wrap up my applications and i'm good to go.

Oh but when i woke up this morning i was pleasantly surprised by the weather. it was raining! YAY! I ♥ the rain! no joke. so i was tempted to go to the SAT testing center in my sweats and a hoodie, like to be all chill...but then i figured i might be too chill and not put my best into the test LOL. or even worse..fall asleep like the guy behind me. WHO WAS WEARING A HOODiE AND SWEATS! seeeeeeee i made a good call for once.
The proctor i had though was cool. Dont know much about him besides he surfed more than once a week and he worked for a law firm out in the OC. weird right?! LMAO but i liked him cause he was chill and funny. and he didnt make it seem like the SAT was a black hole haha.

Man but when i got home, i was there from 7:30am to 1:00pm for the test :/, I knocked OUT! i got home by 1:30 , had lunch and fell asleep by like 2..and didnt wake up until 6 20..HA! man it was good too. But i guess thats a good thing cause Brian and i are going to do an all night movie marathon of all the SAW movies so that we can go see the new one, which i didnt get to do last night.

Speaking of, how was everyone's halloween?!! please tell me LOL since i didnt do anything i can pretend i went with you haha. costume choices??I know some of my friends went to club dv8 where they held costume contests and gave out cash prizes!!.
so that's where i might be next year. idk yet, cause if i get into the college of my choosing, then i wont even be home next yr for halloweeen i'll be away as at college. 
if thats the case then maybe i'll chill with new friends or help my cousin pass out candy. her friends street is really popular and they close it off to traffic on halloween so she always gets at least 500 kids. last year it was a lil over 1600!! i know right?!! and yea they counted. haha!

mmhmmm. i'm working on a few vids so they should be out soon i hope :]



.cupcake love. said...

It seems like you'll do good on your first try on the SATs :] Good choice in not dressing in sweats & a hoodie.. like that other guy did & ME ! I did that I think. haha.

I love the rain too, only if it's nice rain.. without thunderstorms & whatnot. (=

It seems like everyone's halloween wasn't that exciting this year ! I had to work =( BOOO. & I've been working all weekend.. yay me right?

1600 kids ?! WTH ? I want to PARTAAAY on that street ! I'd totally be down for staying home & seeing all the kids' costumes :)

babycakes said...

Geez 1600 !?!!

I think we got about 20 the whole night.

I had to work and pass out candy there because we had a trick or treat thing setup at the shopping complex I work in so I saw about 60 kids there !

I'm sending you goodluck so you won't have to take the SATs again !

Arielle { ahr. ee. elle. } said...

yeah i know right!!? this year she said was 1200.
its soo crazy.
aww thank you! I'm hoping sooooo freaking bad that i wont have to take it again. The 20th will tell all. cause thats when the scores will be released! gah and then i have to finish my college apps! :D