Monday, November 24, 2008

Makeover & fears

Wooo been a while since a new post! sorry bout that. College apps due in 10 days, so itss kinda crazy 'round here.

So I made over the spot! how yah like?? might add/subtract stuff later but for now i'm good with this.

So I was reading Kaycee's ( )blog and her fear entry had me thinking about my fears..sooo i figured why not share yess?!!

here goes nothing.

I'm telling you the bigger they are, the more of a panic attack i will have!
Ever since i was a kid they creeped me out and its never changed.  I can think of three bad incidences with spiders off the top of my head that will always haunt my memories! :'[ I'd rather be stuck in a room with 2 snakes v.s 1 spider, its that bad.

I didn't learn how to swim until i was like 8 or 9 but mind you and that age i looked 5. I was mad tiny and short! so my parents put me and my lil sis in swimming classes at the YMCA and omg worst experience ever! ON MY FIRST DAY Some Jackass of an instructor basically had me kick my way across the pool with a paddle board, and didnt tell me that i was going from 3ft of water to 8 ft and when i got across he took the board from me. Which i was okay with at the time, because i thought i was still in 3ft of water so i thought i could stand. well to my surprise and horror, i sank straight to the bottom and panicked. he had to come and get me. i cried,my mom yelled, he was fired...yada yada yada LOL from then on i can't do deep water or dark bottom pools deeper than 9 ft. lame i know.

Lets just say that I use to play with rougher cousins when i was younger, who were bigger than me. and i swear every time we wrestled or something and i got pinned, if they didn't get up in like 15 seconds..i would like panic that I would run out of air.
so even now, if i'm fully under the covers for more than like a min i'll freak out!

plain && simple, saw a old music video when i was like 5 where the singer flipped down the side of a cliff and blew up! LMAO sounds funny when i say it like that, but i didn't know it was fake and I live in a part of cali that is suburban with lots of hills,mountains,and drop off points that i pass on my everyday commute. so that doesn't help.

#5. FOREST FIRE that evolves into a HOUSE FIRE
okie dokie, so i'm 4 right? coming home with my cousins and aunties from the mall when as we get on my street we notice smoke. we're behind  an 18 wheeler, (btw which is very odd to see on my oober quiet street in the first place ) so we think its his exhaust. so we go to turn in my driveway which is up a bit of a hill, and BOOM there its is---FLAMES GALORE! all off the back mountain range behind my house had caught fire. it was sooo scarry because there was a BIG TALL ASS fire wall made of concrete at the base of the mountains to contain fire if this was to happen, and the fire was coming OVER THAT!! there was probably 200 houses that the fire would get to before mine, BUT it was close enough for the heat to burn my face and the ashes to blacken my face and mess up my perfectly white shoes. :'[ i loved those shoes...they had bells. ANYWAY the cops were helping us evacuate and i had no idea if i was coming back to a house. or to dust.

it is perfectly normal to see (day or night) a pack of coyotes, mountain lions, or wolves just roaming round. plus the occasional family of raccoons, skunks, or opossum chilling on yards.
plenty of local news stories saying the remains of pets were left on neighbors lawns.
once there was a black bear on my neighbors house across the street one from my house. so I'm hoping that when I take out the trash nothing will be waiting at the bin for me. 

WELL ALRIGHTY THEN...i think that wraps up this blog entry of horrors. haha

*sigh* that was emotionally exhausting!


.cupcake love. said...

I love it.
Who's blog is this ?

Wow, talk about hella fears.
I know it's really emotional to talk about what you're scared of.
But it relieves some stress right ?

Miss ya girl !

Arielle { ahr. ee. elle. } said...

Thanks boo!!
uhh good question. i know i downloaded it from somewhere. i'll look and message you the site :)
and then i made the my name graphic with mah mac.

yeah! it was like draining, but i felt all burden-less at the end. it was like a healthy release haha.

Miss You too !!!! <3