Tuesday, November 25, 2008

totally random but...

Have you had Jack in the box's mozzarella sticks?!

freaking delicious. i didn't know they existed a week ago, now I'm like where have you been all my life LOL. mmhmmmm ;]


bre. said...

sadly there's not a jack in the box near me , never been but i heard there food is really good. < br>
im wondering if you would mind if i featured one of your videos on my site since it is beauty related?

Arielle { ahr. ee. elle. } said...

oh that sucks!

*big goofy grin*

thanks!! let me know which vid it is, so i can allow embedding on it! woo!

okay well would you mind if i featured your blog in one of my next vids?! so all my subbies can know i was featured on it and then realize how freaking awesome your blog is :D

bre. said...

haha yes i am so busy right now because of the holidays and school but i will let you know soon and sure you can feature my blog but if you could wait until i put your video up because by then i will have lots more posts <3

Arielle { ahr. ee. elle. } said...

YAY!! okie dokie!!
you just let me know! take all the time you need!!

have a great thanksgiving girlie!! <3

bre. said...

you too.

Yas said...

Those are soooo good! I love those and the bacon and cheddar potato wedges. Yummy!